The Song

Everyone has a song which they love all the time. Which makes them dance, feel better, forget all problems.  They have the Song. I also have such song. I actually have two songs.

First song is with me since few years. I don’t listen to it too often, but each time I feel the same. Every time I feel like I heard it for the first time. The same vibes, the same feelings.

Stromae- Alors on danse

Second song is with me since few months. I heard it in tv in wine commercial. It was tough to find it as it is not popular anywhere. I feel high listening to it, in a dream.

Madison-  #1 (RAC Remix)

Every few months I have another favorite song which sooner or later I get bored of. But not these two songs.

When I listen to them I feel different. I feel happy, high, relaxed and many other positive feelings.



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