Trust issues

Once upon a time I was naive and I believed people are good and I can trust them. Unfortunately, reality woke me up.

I never had problems with trusting others, because I thought why would they lie to me? But seems most of people have many reasons.

I’ve been lied to, used and when I stopped being needed I was thrown away. It devastated me.

After few years I realized it taught me a lot. I don’t trust that easy anymore, I’m careful.

I also learnt to ‘feel’ people. My sixth sense is helping me a lot. I can feel if I can trust someone or not.

But I still don’t trust too many people enough to share my life with them.

I prefer to wait instead of trusting someone too fast and regret it after.

Every bad experience is teaching me something new and make me stronger.

Thinking about it, it could also have caused my distance from people.

Before I liked to meet new people, I was talkative. It’s all online, because in real life I’m too shy.

I believed people have good intentions, that they are nice and sweet.

Then they changed me. They were lying about themselves or pretended to like me.

Since that time I’m silent, I’m not willing to meet new people.

I stay in my shelf and for now I’m ok with that.

I’m sure there are nice people out there still and I hope someday I’ll meet more of them.

I wish someday I’ll get back to being a social fairy.

Not only online, but also in real life.



3 thoughts on “Trust issues

  1. Hello there! Nice to meet you!

    Before having the intention of reading this post, I wanted to write about the same thing you’ve written… having trust issues with other people. It’s quite eerie that we’re both going through the same issues and I’m having the same feeling of distrust and doubts on people I know. I’ve always trusted on my 6th sense and it has never failed me to distinguish real people from those that only use me for their own liking. Anyways, It’s so nice to meet you and hopefully, we could remain friends in here 😉 ! It’s always nice to meet people who are going through the same issues like me… it’s like an instant connection.

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