Why is it so hard to care?

I’ve never understood why people care only about themselves being blind at other things.

Why do they walk next to a man torturing his dog without saying a word? Why don’t they react when a group of kids bully older man? Why don’t they call a police when their neighbour is beating his wife and kids?

Is it so hard to care? Unfortunately, people are egoists.

They won’t say a word to a man torturing his dog, because this is not their dog. They won’t help older man, because those aggressive kids may bully him too. They won’t call the police, because they don’t want to be a snitch.

Why it is so easy to look at others’ suffering?

I’m always wondering what would those people feel if they or their family members were in danger and no one would care about that. It’s not that nice feeling, is it?

Then why are we still passive?

If you see someone in danger, call the police, ask others to help too. Don’t let innocent people or animals to suffer just because you are not a part of it.

Remember, karma is a bitch.

If you help someone you will be rewarded.

If you pretend nothing is happening, someday someone may pretend nothing is happening to you.



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