The most important people

Everyone says that family members are the most important people in person’s life who love and stand by their side no matter what.

But who is ‘the family’?

Most of you will say that family are parents, sibilings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles. Being close with family and sharing everything with them is amazing.

But what about those who are not close with family? Who don’t share their life with them? Who doesn’t have privilege to be a part of their life caused by different reasons? Are they alone in the world?

I’m not close with my family, I don’t share my life with them, I don’t feel comfortable with them and I don’t want to spend my time with them.

Does family always love you and stand by your side?
Unfortunately, no.

Many people don’t even stay in touch with their family, they don’t get support nor love from them. We hear about many cases like this in our neighbourhood or between collegues.

Is family only people with blood connections? Not for me.

I consider my family people who I totally trust, who I love with all my heart and who I share my life with. Those people are my best friends. We don’t have any blood connections, but who cares? I would sacrifice my life for them.

Thanks to them, I feel loved and taken care of. I know I can depend on them and they will always help me. Even if we live so far from each other and we don’t talk too often I still feel their love.

They replace me a family who I never had good relation with.
They will always be in my life.

They are the most important people in my life and will always be.

Family is not who we have same blood with.
Family is who loves us no matter what.



6 thoughts on “The most important people

  1. very insightful view of the family. blood relations don’t matter anymore don’t they, given the rise of child adoption, single parenting etc. we should be accepting more of such family forms in our current age!

    • Exactly! As you mentioned adoption for example. Does it matter are they parents by blood? No. It matters they love and support their child. Thank you for your comment!

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