Is it worth to live?

Few days ago I’ve read a story of a woman who dealt with horrible bad luck for almost all her life. She even thought about suicide. I started thinking is it worth to live?

There are a lot of suicides, because of many reasons. Losing a job, being bullied, husband/wife’s death. There are many reasons to think to end the life. But is it really worth to end it?

As a teenager I had suicide thoughts, because I fought with parents all the time and I couldn’t stand this anymore. Right now it doesn’t seem that important, but in that moment it felt as the worst thing. The only reason I’m still alive is that I was scared of pain.

I’m grateful I’m still alive. After years I realized nothing is worth dying. Even if I’m unhappy it doesn’t mean I’ll be for the rest of my life.

I experienced a lot of great things. I made my dreams of travelling to Egypt and Lebanon come true, I met great friends who make me happy, I experienced exciting things, which taught me a lot.

As they say, after the heaviest rain there is a beautiful rainbow. I do believe it. If you are unhappy don’t end your life, just end your misery. Good things won’t just come to you. You need to go for it.

You lost your job? Take it as opportunity to start a new life. You are bullied? Stand up for yourself and if things are bad tell someone.

I’m not really religious, but I believe that God gives life and only He has the right to take it away. If you go through difficult time in your life, ask someone you trust to help you. Don’t let devil win.

Life is beautiful. There are amazing things you didn’t experience yet, places you didn’t visit, people you didn’t meet. Don’t let all those things to miss you.

And most importantly, don’t let people who love you to suffer. Even though you think no one cares, there are people who do.



7 thoughts on “Is it worth to live?

  1. I totally agree with you. I used to feel like this woman, having bad luck was normal for me. I was suicidal 24/7 and was rarely laughing or happy from deep inside. I even attempted to commit suicide a few times, but one time almost succeeded. I was taken to the ER in the hospital and then taken to a psychiatric hospital and stayed there for 2 months, I was literally begging them to let me get out. If there is a hell, I definitely have been through it as a child. My childhood wasn’t ordinary or typical at all. But thankfully the medications I was put on has literally saved my life. Of course there were side effects, like gaining weight (I gained over 45 KG in less than a year), and weight was something I was having trouble with all my life already. But I am thankful I took those meds and still am. I am trying to convince my psychiatrist to decrease the dose and she is doing so slowly.
    To make my story even shorter, the point is, I am glad I saw hell before. It made me realize the beautiful things out there and made me so grateful to be alive and love everything I currently have. I’ve become a stronger person, and my scars make me who I am today. Yes I am considered weird and different, but that is a result of my past, and I’m happy to proudly admit that this is who I am right now!

    • I’m sorry to hear you have been through this hell, but at the same time I’m glad to see you are still here. We learn from everything we go through and sometimes we need to see hell to realize how beautiful life is. I was there too but fortunately, my fear of pain won. I’m also stronger now and trying to make my dreams come true one by one to prove myself and everyone around me that it is worth to live. I’m planning next trip to Egypt and I’m so excited! I hope only the best things will happen to you! xo

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