People change

I had few situations lately which made me realize how people and relationships change. From best friends who talk 24/7, share secrets and can’t get enough of each other, to total strangers who don’t even remember about other’s existance.

A month ago I met a friend who visited Warsaw after a year (he made master here) who I always considered as close and good friend. We rarely met when he has been living here, but when we meet I felt comfortable with him, we talked and laughed a lot and we just were close. When we met after a year it was different. Awkward silence almost all the time, nothing to talk about really. We behaved as strangers who pretend they are friends. It made me really sad.

I looked into my past and friends I had. Only few of them stayed in my life who I can still call friends. Rest just vanished. We are like strangers who never even knew each other. I used to suffer because of that as I didn’t understand why I’m the same towards them and they are cold and distanced.

But I grew up. I realized people change. Their behaviour, interests are different. I also noticed I’m different as well. People who I loved and kept as close friends at some point, now don’t really mean anything to me anymore. If they are around, it’s cool, we can talk sometimes. If they disappear, it’s cool too, I won’t miss them.

I stopped getting angry because of that. People come and go and get replaced by other people who suit my current life more at this point. Most of them will probably stay with me for longer. I’m not kid who is looking for herself anymore. I grew up, I know who I’am and what I want. The rest is just nice memories and experiences to find myself. I’m grateful for that.



5 thoughts on “People change

  1. Thanks for following my blog! This is a lovely blog, and you’re lovely, too. I’m sure more people would stay with you, so don’t worry. 🙂

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