Letter to young me

Dear Ania,

You are 16 now and you are going to start your life in high school.

You stopped calling and texting your so called friends to go out.

You want to see will they call. They don’t.

Don’t worry about that. This time you will explore Internet.

Everything starts from Bearshare.

You meet new friends and get invitations to Facebook.

You ignore them at first, but then you are curious what is that.

You join to check it. You stay forever.

You now waste your time online.

You meet new people, you join social games.

You start changing.

You become Anushka Amira, named by special people in your life.

You are sad, angry, you expect more than you should.

Don’t worry about it. You find out who your real friends are.

You learn how fake people are. You start regonizing them easy.

It has been 6 years now. You learnt a lot, you learnt yourself.

Don’t try to change anything. It will be memorable experience.

Someone will tell you that you have writing talent.

You will start blogging about Warsaw where you will be living.

You will get courage to make personal blog you dreamt about.

You won’t waste that much time online anymore.

You won’t live on Facebook anymore.

You will focus on blogs and your future life.

You will grow up to wonderful, 22 years old girl.

You will have loving friends who will care about you.

You will meet people who will put down roots in your life.

You will start amazing life which you deserve.

Stay as great as you are. Don’t ever change.

You will be the best girl and friend ever.



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