Someone special

I’m not social fairy and it always was hard for me to meet new people and make friends. I never talked first to anyone in my real life. I sometimes don’t know how it happened I have friends.

Even online it was the same. All friends I made are the ones who started talking to me first. I’m shy even online. It may sound stupid, but I don’t know how to talk to people.

After a lot of people and a lot of disappointments, I realized who my real friends are and who I can trust. They are my special people. I know I can count on them whenever I need help.

Some of them are online friends, but I don’t care. I’ll meet them sooner or later. I judge people by behaviour not do I know them in real or not. Real life friends can be fake too. I, unfortunately, faced it before.

I like the  feeling of being loved and cared of. Even if I don’t talk to some friends for long time I know we are still close to each other. I don’t need more for now. They are enough for me.



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