Time for a change!

Ok, enough being lazy! I hate my look so it is time to change it. Summer is almost over, but I can look sexy in winter even though no one will see it. I’ll know about it, that’s enough!

I made a plan (I’m schedule freak!) of what I’m going to do and when. Everything what contains all body and face creams + work out and some inner help (read: health supplements).

Those are my body and face cosmetics. Green tubes are for good condition of body (peeling + cooling creme), Garnier tube is for deep face cleaning, orange bottle for cleaning face off make up, sebum, etc. and last one is to improve face tension.

My supplements. They are not diet pills. They clean body inside (detox), help to release stress, increase body’s immunity, help burn fat and reduce appetite too, but those are just 2 packages among 9.

In age 22 I finally realized it’s time for some make up. I don’t like too much so my set is kept minimalistic. Little bottle is for my eye brows to look better, but it also help for eye lashes, hair and many other issues.

My favorite snack. It has 450kcal, but for something to eat between meals it is perfect! I eat half of pack before lunch and second half in the evening. It also has vegetables flavor.


I miss me 2 years ago when I had almost perfect figure. I wasn’t type of skinny chick, but I looked good. I liked my flat, but fluffy tummy (does it make sense?). My only problem were legs (thanks mom for those genes!), but I could manage it somehow.

Unfortunately, I became too lazy. I stopped taking supplements (thanks to them I lost over 15 kilos in no time!) so I gained weight again. But I hope I will get there back soon.

But I won’t only depend on supplements and cosmetics. I was looking for some exercises online, but I didn’t find anything interesting. Finally, I dropped by site of polish personal trainer and she published there free set of exercises for everyone. It’s perfect! I’ll start working out later today and I hope I will end it dead. Then I will know I did something good.

Those are my pictures from my ideal weight. I want to look like that again. Sorry for bad quality but my cameras happen to be mean.




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