I love sunny days. I simply L-O-V-E them! I’m happier when a day is sunny. I hate cold, rain and snow. It’s just depressing. Life is better when you see sun and everything touched by its rays….

Unfortunately, sun in Poland doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to. A little bit in spring and summer and rest is just rain. Why, Mother Nature? Why? Summer should be hot, sunny and happy. Not cold, rainy and sad!

Today is warm and sunny first time since many days. It makes me happy even though I have no reason for it. Well, yeah…I’m healthy, I have place to live and food to eat. I should be grateful for it.

I appreciate it, I really do, but I need more. I want to live the life I always wanted. I want to travel, meet all my online friends, learn different cultures and people all over the world.

And I want to live in a place where is always warm and sunny. No need to be hot. Just warm. Around 20c is enough for me. I’ll go for it. I’ll make my dream come true. Someday.

Till then I can just enjoy those sunny, warm days last time this year. Summer is going to end, few more weeks and cold and rain will be a daily basis. Even though sun will come up once in a while in next few months, it’s not the same.

Summer is my favorite season. It’s time that life goes different, slower. It’s time to have fun and relax. I love to see Warsaw in summer. People are more happy. They are not running from place to place. They are just enjoying every step, every view. World is more beautiful in summer.

I’ve taken those pictures few weeks ago when I was lying down in garden. I know they are not the best quality or the most beatiful. But they are precious for me, because they’ll always remind me about summer and about the place I’ve been raised in.



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