Why this blog?

So, why does this blog even exist?

This is my place to document my life, my thoughts, my changes. I wasted enough time sitting and dreaming about perfect life. I just need to start working on having it. I hope I can make it. No, no wait! I CAN make it! I just need to get out of my shell and fight for it.

Yeah, that’s so easy to say…I have always been shy. Always aside. Boring even. I used to ‘force’ myself to hang out with people from my hometown just not to sit alone and to know what is happening around.

But then I decided it’s not me. I’m not party girl who drinks everyday. So I’ve become a loner. I’m one till now.

Do I regret it? No. I prefer being alone than being around people I don’t even like. I keep in touch with exactly 2 people from my real life. My cousin and my college friend. I don’t need more actually. I like being alone, being lazy, wearing pijama all day and watching serieses and movies. Actually wearing pijama all day isn’t really possible. I don’t have my own place where I can do it.

Or I’m with family or flat owner from who I rent a room. I’m never alone. It’s frustrating. I want my own place. My own home. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it for now…Soon…I hope…Soon…

I would move abroad if I didn’t decide to make master. Damn you, education! You keep me tied to Warsaw!

Actually it’s not bad. 2 more years in Poland. 2 years to become who I want to be. When I finally know I’ll leave Poland starting a new life with new me.

Uff…that’s long post…expect longer ones, haha! I sometimes talk a lot. To myself mostly. Now I’ll talk here.

My life journey, time to start!



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