Changes to come

I reached the moment that I’m not happy with my posts, if I have ever been happy about them. Those last months were a good lesson for my blogging.

I decided to take a break from posting for now and work on my dream blog. This one isn’t the one I’m proud of. And I should be proud of my blog, right?

I’m reading a lot of blogs daily and I finally know what kind of blog I want to have. It will be a little different and more similar to my favorite blogs, but it still will contain my thoughts and my silly writing. But there will be more too.

I’ll still be around reading posts, because I’m kind of addicted to WordPress.

I’ll be back between May and June. Probably closer to May than June.

I hope you will be waiting for new me…. Becuase I’ll be waiting to come back to you.

See you soon ♥


Eastmas time

I can’t believe what I see outside a window. Ground is covered in snow and it’s snowing since few hours!

I don’t remember the last time that Easter was cold and white. Usually these few days were kinda warm, even if before or after weather became bad again. But Easter was always warm. Always.

Everyone is talking about global warming, but I don’t see it. I even heard today that spring may disappear soon totally. From winter we will go directly to summer.

And I hate it! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. It’s not cold anymore, but also not too hot. It’s lovely warm, birds start singing, flowers start blooming,sun is out most of the time, clouds are beautiful and days are longer.

It’s the best season. I hope it will come soon and that it’s just a temporary mistake of Mother Nature. We have 6 seasons in Poland and now what? We are going to have only 2? Summer and winter? It would totally suck!

Dear spring, please come here! We miss you!


Chicken curry soup

I sometimes browse through recipes online to find something interesting to make by myself. I never stick to original recipe. I do everything in my own taste, add my own components. All I look at is how to cook certain products.

I found lately an idea for chicken soup with spinach, but components in my dinner were different.

What you need?

  • chicken breast
  • spinach
  • curry
  • soy sauce
  • chicken and beef broth cube
  • chinese pasta

Proportions depend on personal taste. Some people prefer more intense taste with less chicken or spinach and some people may prefer less intense taste with larger amount of products.

How to cook it?

First prepare chicken breasts. Cut them into pieces and add oil and curry. Try not to add too much oil. I added 1 spoon of curry, but I could have added more so taste would be more intense. Mix it good and leave it for like 20-30 to marinate.

Next you can prepare spinach. I used like 100g, but of course you can add more. Clean it and cut off its ‘tail’ (sorry I have no idea how it’s called in English). Pour boiling water over it and leave it for around 2 minutes.  Then put it to another vessel with cold water. Strain it and leave it for now. I also teared it into smaller pieces so it will be easier to eat.

Now it’s time for soup. Boil water and add 1 or 2 cubes of broth and few spoons of soy sauce. How much you add depends on how much soup you are preparing and if you prefer more or less intense taste. Let it boil for few minutes and add chicken. Boil it for 5 minutes and then add spinach. Let everything boil again for few minutes.

Voila! Your dinner is ready! I didn’t find chinese pasta in my town so I bought normal one. It was tasty anyway. Next time I’ll just add more curry and soy sauce.




SFP#4: Week 4

Today I want to tell you about my way for more successful getting rid of cellulite.

I use a serum I wrote about before and I do exercises, but there is never too much help.

My father bought or got (I don’t really know) a massager. It has a red light to make massage more effective. While massaging also arms work so I can work on my muscles while fighting with orange skin.

Massages are widely known for its positive effects on skin and blood circulation to make our legs look nice. Not all of us have a partner to help us with it or we don’t have an opportunity and money to visit a masseur everyday so buying electric massager is a good way to enjoy the benefits of massage.


The Pretend Wife

When I was cleaning my desk before Easter I found a book I was looking for- ‘The Pretend Wife’ by Bridget Asher.. I’ve bought it few years ago in local bookstore when I was looking for new book to read.

I’ve read it a bit, then put it somewhere and forgot about it. But I remember it was an interesting book. I can’t wait to read it again!


The power of forgiveness

While beginning to write this post I was watching an interview in the morning show with polish-greek singer Eleni. In 1994, almost 20 years ago, she lost her only 17 years old daughter Aphrodite who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend who couldn’t stand their break up.

I was only 4 years old then, but I heard about it when I was big enough to understand it. I think all Poland knows about it.

I was listening to Eleni and I was really impressed by her. Her strenght and serenity is something we should learn from her. I can’t imagine myself to continue my life after losing my only child in such tragic circumstances. I think my life would finish with death of my baby.

She forgave the murderer. She did something most of us can’t imagine to do. I don’t think I could ever forgive person who take away my most precious gift from God. She couldn’t accept the death of her daughter, yet she forgave the killer.

Her parents taught her that we can’t live with negative emotions, that we have to think positive. We can’t repay evil for evil. She says that now she feels peace in her heart and thus it’s easier for her to carry her pain for the rest of her life.

I admire her and people like this. She found strenght to forgive the killer. Someone who killed her daughter. Her faith in God is incredible. She did something what saints do. She forgave the biggest sin.

Many people in such situations live with pain and bitterness for the rest of their lives. They blame themselves and keep thinking how they could change things and save their loved one from such tragic death. They keep living  this day they lost their loved their husband, wife or child.

But there are people like Eleni who shows us the power of forgiveness. We can learn from such people and let God be our guide. Even though it’s hard for her to live and perform she keeps doing it. She knows her daughter is with her. In her heart.



The song of the moment

I’ve heard this song for the first time a long time ago, but I didn’t know its name nor performer. I tried to find it, but it’s almost impossible without knowing its title.

In December on my friend’s birthday’s girls night I was lucky to hear this song again! We were looking for our favorite songs on You Tube and my friend’s friend showed us this song! She heard it few days ago and she was listening to it all the time so I could finally get its name!

I typed it down on my phone and obviously forgot about it. I was checking notes on my phone lately and I found this song’s title!

I love this song!


Love is odd

I’m not looking for love, but I happen to wonder what is love’s higher plan. Most of people I know or know of already have found someone they fell in love with. The longer I think about it the more I think I’ve never been in love.

It seems I was only fascinated by them. After we broke up or stopped talking after few days I was ok. I think I was only used to their presence and when they left I just needed to get used to not talking to them anymore.

It made me wonder about what love is planning for each of us. Why all of my friends already found their second half? Why most of people I know already have families? My best friend is already in stable relation, my high school friend recently got engaged and my ex best friend I wrote before on the blog already is married.

I had some boyfriends or crushes I had feelings for, but none of them made me feel like in heaven. There was always something missing between us. Some guys claim they like me a lot and would like me to be their girlfriend. I like some and I’m attracted to them, but I don’t have such deep feelings for any of them that I would like to spend the rest of my life with them.

Am I supposed to be single and ready to mingle forever? Am I too picky? Do I look for something impossible to get? Or maybe my prince charming isn’t ready for me yet?

I hope my second half is somewhere there and will be super duper the best and the hottest man I’ve ever met.


My dream life

In my dream life I would have a loving family. Parents I would love to spend time with, sibilings who would be my best friend. There would be no screams, no physical/mental abuse. House would be full of love, care and support.

In my dream life I would have wonderful friends. Who would accept me the way I am, who would care about me, who would always be there for me. They would know how I really feel without words and they would make me feel safe and loved.

In my dream life I would be confident. I would do exactly I want to do, I would run after my dreams and wouldn’t stop unless I reach them. I would flirt with guys in a club or in cafe. I would always speak my mind and wouldn’t be shy in front of anyone.

In my dream life I would be brave. I would have courage to travel across the world to start a new life. I would save every penny for a plane ticket and I would reach my goal.

In my dream life I would be needed. There would be someone who would like me to exist, who would care if I disappeared. Someone would cry after me, would like to be close to me, would like to help me.

In my dream life I wouldn’t cry. I would be glad about my life, people around me. I would have support in making my dreams come true. I wouldn’t hear complaints in every second.

Can someone take me away from my hell and show me heaven?